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What is Regsaver Registration Insurance?
What is Regsaver Registration Insurance?
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Click here to see how RegSaver handles insurance when it comes to COVID-19.

What is RegSaver and how is it presented for purchase?

Registration Saver (RegSaver) is event registration insurance. It provides parents the opportunity to insure the non-refundable registration fee they pay for their child to participate in their sports event. In the case injury, illness, or other covered peril prevents the child from participating, the parent can file a claim to seek reimbursement of their registration cost. The policy is offered during the sign-up process, providing an easy and quick purchase for the consumer.

What activities can a RegSaver policy insure?

A RegSaver policy can be purchased to cover the following events: A sports season, camp, tournament, showcase, or training sessions. A coach can also purchase a policy to insure the registration fee they pay to attend a coaching seminar, clinic, or certification course.

What are the covered perils under a RegSaver policy?

There are two versions of the policy.

The Single Event Policy insures a tournament, showcase, or camp. Covered perils include:

  • Injury (on or off the field)

  • Illness

  • Active Duty (parent/guardian)

  • Involuntary Job Loss (parent/guardian)

  • Uninhabitable Residence

  • Traffic Accident

  • Extended School Year

  • Airline/Train/Bus Delay or Cancellation

  • Inclement Weather

The Multi Event Policy insures a sports season. Covered perils include:

  • Injury (on or off the field)

  • Illness

  • Active Duty (parent/guardian)

  • Involuntary job transfer (parent/guardian)

How can my parents purchase a RegSaver policy?

RegSaver will be available within registrations and offered prior to checkout.

Why should my parents buy RegSaver?

Injury, illness, and inclement weather happen! RegSaver can provide peace of mind to a parent who is registering their child months in advance for an event.

How can a parent submit a claim?

AIG, one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies in the world, reviews and processes all claims. If a parent purchased a policy and needs to submit a claim, they can easily do so via the convenient online portal,

The form can be filled out in a few minutes and submitted directly to the dedicated department for RegSaver claims.

If the parent has further claims questions, they can email them to [email protected] or call customer service at 866-690-6859, option 3.

As an admin, if I have questions about a policy, who can I contact?

Admins can contact Next Wave at [email protected].

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