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How to Delete Unclaimed/Unused Profiles in the Member Directory
How to Delete Unclaimed/Unused Profiles in the Member Directory
Updated over a week ago

Users must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools" permissions to use this feature.

NOTE: This action cannot be undone!

You will only see a delete button if that member has never:

  • Claimed their Account

    • (If they are utilizing their account for a different org or in a different profile, this will not be an option)

  • Completed a Registration

  • Been rostered to a team

  • Paid/Sent an Invoice

  • Done a background check

  • Submitted info to the National Governing Body

If the user has not completed the above, a Delete button will appear on their profile page.

To delete the profile:

  1. Log in to SportsEngine HQ.

  2. Click Members > Member Directory.

  3. Search for the unused profile and click the user's name.

  4. If the user is allowed to be deleted, you will see the delete button appear in the upper right-hand corner of the profile.

  5. Click Delete.

NOTE: If you receive an error message when deleting what appears to be an unused member profile, the user was most likely sent an invoice or was submitted into a season.

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