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Welcome to your SportsEngine Website! This set of articles will help guide you as you set up, design, and add content to your website.

Accessing Your Website

Your SportsEngine Customer Success Manager will share your website with you as soon as it is ready. You will need to be logged into your SportsEngine Account to edit the website.

Create an Account

If you don't already have a SportsEngine account, you will need to create one by clicking the Create Account button on your website or HERE.

Log in to Your Account 

You can log in by clicking the log in button on your website or HERE.

Become a Member

If you haven't already done so, you will want to connect your user account with your website by clicking Become a Member or Connect to Site on your website.

How do I become a member of my site?

Granting Website Permissions

After you become a member, your Customer Success Manager will need to grant you or someone on your organization webmaster permissions. Once you have webmaster permissions, you will be able to grant other staff members website viewing and editing permissions.

How Do I grant website permissions to other staff members?

Getting Back to Your Site

If you ever find yourself logged in and on the member dashboard instead of your site, just click on the My Organizations dropdown option in your SE Bar to select the site that you would like to navigate back to. Your site will not appear here until you become a member of it.

Editing Your Website

Once you have access to your website and have been granted webmaster permissions by your SportsEngine Customer Success Manager, you will be able to edit your site.

Important: Your Customer Success Manager must grant you webmaster permissions after you create an account before you will be able to edit your website.

Turn on Edit Mode

The first step to editing your website content is to turn on Edit Mode. Edit mode allows you to see the backend of the website that a regular site visitor can't see. From edit mode, you can add site pages, change the layout, and manage site content.

To turn on edit mode, click the gray toggle labeled Edit Mode on the top left-hand side of your screen.

When edit mode is off, we call it User Mode.

Navigating Your Website

The main menu navigation bar across the top of your site displays links to each of your site's pages in the main menu. If you hover over a page in the menu, a dropdown will appear that displays all of its subpages.


You can add as many pages as you want to your site in addition to your home page. Each page lets you show a different part of your organization. There are multiple types of pages such as a team page, calendar page, or league page that have different uses.


Subpages are just pages that are located under a main page. Subpages appear when you hover over a page link in the main menu.

Designing Your Website

Layout Containers

Layout Containers provide the visual structure of your website by dividing your pages into columns of content. You can add multiple layout containers on each page.

Page Elements

Page elements are the building blocks of your website's content. There are many types of page elements that add different kinds of content. There is a page element to add a video, a page element to add upcoming events, a page element to add a scoreboard and many more.

Colors and Images

You will want to change the color scheme and add your logo to make the site really yours.

Sharing Your Website

Going Live

When you're satisfied with your site design, it's time to make it live so you can share it with your members.

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