How to Use Payout Reports
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access Financials" permissions to view Financial Reports.

  1. Sign in and navigate to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. In the left-hand navigation, click Financials > Reports.

  3. The report defaults to the fiscal year. You can also choose to filter by current year, last year, current month, last month, or with a custom date range.

  4. Use the toggle arrows in the top row to sort your report as needed.

  5. Click Export on either the Deposits or Sources tab to export the data in a CSV format.

  6. Your CSV report contains columns that will help to import into another system if needed. CSV columns include important information such as the payout deposit date, payout date, and status.

    • Payout Deposit Date - When money was deposited into a bank account.

    • Payout Date - Date when the payout was initiated (typically 2-3 days ahead of the deposit date).

    • Status - This line of the report will show if the payout is scheduled, pending, or deposited.

  7. To view activity for a specific payout, click the Payout Date. This will open the Sale Sources and Activity report, which shows the following:

    • Sale Sources: Payments, refunds, fees, and subtotal.

    • Activity: Transaction date, type, sale source, gross, fees, payout, payment method, account owner, payout date, bank account, participant, and account owner.

  8. Both the Activity report and Sale Sources can be exported by clicking Export.

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