You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to use the Priceline Booking Portal on your website.

SportsEngine’s partnership with Priceline offers deeply discounted travel and lodging rates for all SportsEngine users. As a SportsEngine organization Admin, you can provide easy access to the exclusive offerings through Sitebuilder.

Create a Link to the Booking Portal

  1. Sign in to your SportsEngine site and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Under Edit Mode, click Pages.

  3. Choose Main Menu.

  4. Click Add New Page and choose the Link page type.

  5. Enter a Button Title.

    • Ex) Book Lodging

  6. Enter a Link Title.

    • Ex) Book Discounted Lodging with Priceline

  7. Input the URL below into the URL field


  8. Set the Page Display Status to Private.

  9. Click Create This Page.

Create a Smart Group of your Members

Create a Smart Group so that you can grant your members access to the private booking portal.

Grant the Smart Group Permission to View the Booking Portal

  1. Navigate to your "Priceline Portal" page.

  2. Turn on Edit Mode.

  3. Click the Permissions sub-tab and make sure it is set to Private.

  4. Under Group Permissions, click Add Group.

  5. Select the group that includes your members.

  6. Click Add Group.

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