How to Create a Dibs Session
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to create a session.

A "Dibs Session" is a collection of available volunteer shifts or items for a season, team, event, or other organizational purposes. You must create a Dibs session before you can add individual volunteer items for your members to claim.

  1. Sign in and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Click on the Dibs tab in your main menu.

  3. Click Create a New Dib Session.

  4. Input all necessary and mandatory fields.

    • Dibs Session Name:

    • Status:

      • Enabled: Live for your volunteers to access.

      • Disabled: Not be live for your volunteers to access.

      • Archive: Turn an old Dibs Session off.

    • Login Optional: Does the volunteer need to sign in to their SE account to claim an item?

    • Track Credits: If you require members to volunteer for a certain number of items or shifts throughout the season.

      • Track Credits and Task Completion: Input a minimum (optional) and maximum (optional) credit that your volunteers need in this Session.

      • Do Not Track Credits and Task Completion: Your volunteers will not have a minimum or maximum amount of credits to reach.

    • Email Reminder: An email will be sent to the volunteer on the day of their shift as a reminder.

  5. Click Create Dibs Session.

Helpful Tip! Because credits are tracked by Session, you will need to create multiple Sessions if you have multiple volunteer credit requirements. Individual Dibs items can be assigned to multiple Sessions.

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