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Different Background Screening Statuses
Different Background Screening Statuses
Updated over a week ago

This article explains the different statuses that an applicant’s background screen can have during the screening process.

NOTE: Customer Success cannot comment on why a screen is set to a specific status. If you have questions about the status of your background check, you should either reach out to an admin with "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools or Compliance" or to [email protected].


  • Passed: The applicant has completed the background investigation with no reportable offenses.

  • Flagged: A record has been found on the applicant’s background check for the administrator to review

  • Pending: The background screening is still in progress with NCSI. A background screen typically takes 3-5 business days to be completed.

    Pending Verification: The applicant has provided incomplete or incorrect information, and NCSI has attempted to reach out and is awaiting a response from the applicant to verify their identity.

  • Pending Verification: Further validation of the applicant's personal information is required. The applicant should reach out to NCSI Customer Support at [email protected].

  • Canceled: If an applicant is non-responsive to NCSI for 30-days, after multiple outreaches, NCSI will move the screening to canceled.

  • Error: There is a system error, and the background screening has not been successfully transmitted to NCSI.

  • Failed: The administrator moves a Flagged result to Failed when they would like to deny participation to an applicant.

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