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Members Guide
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Only users with "Full Access" or "Limited Access - HQ Tools" permissions will be able to access Members.

Use Members to add people to your organization, send messages, create groups, request payments, and export data.

To get to Members:

  1. Navigate to SportsEngine HQ.

  2. Click the Members tab.

  3. Click Directory.

I don't see the People or Members button

You need admin permissions to access Members. If you have trouble getting there, it could be because you don't have permission to access it. Contact an admin at your organization to request permissions.

Add Members

Click Add Person to add new members.

Remove Members

You cannot remove members at this time, but this is being addressed and may be a future feature.

View Member Data

Click any member to view their profile information, registration history, and billing history. You cannot change a member's profile information for them.


To grant permissions go to Members > Directory. Click on a member's name to access their permissions. A member must accept your invitation before you are able to grant permission.

Groups and Smart Groups

Groups and smart groups allow you to easily message, request payments from, or export data for the same group of people repeatedly. Learn more about Groups.

Send Messages

Select the recipient by checking the box next to members or groups, then click Message. Learn more about sending messages.

Request Payments

Select the recipient by checking the box next to members or groups, then click Send Invoices to request a payment.

Export Member Data

Use a filter to isolate specific members, click [...], then Export Data to download member data. Learn more about exporting member data.

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