• Fixed a bug where some tourney reports were showing blank information. 
  • Fixed a bug in Tourney where some users were not able to use the scheduler.



Sale Items are now available within Invoicing!

  • Organizations can now create and attach Sale Items when sending invoices
    • Invoices can still be sent without itemization
  • Sale Items currently include a Name, Price, and SKU (optional)
  • Sale Items can be reusable, so you no longer have to manually input each line item when attaching to invoices


  • Added the ability for a user to register for multiple sub customer tournaments at one checkout. 
  • Updated our mobile app prompts allowing for an easier and more updated way for users to access the mobile app.
  • Added the ability for a user to select which courts/fields they copy from a previous tournament rather than automatically bringing over all fields/venues when copying from an existing tournament. 
  • Fixed a bug where team notes were not saving for teams. 
  • Fixed a bug where volleyball set scores were not posting to the results page. 


  • Completed development of Android version 5.18 which includes all new integration with Sporfie! By pressing a single button, you can capture video highlights and keep what you want AFTER you've watched them live. Learn more about this new integration at
  • Fixed an issue in iOS causing chats capability to crash
  • Updated some error messages with poor grammar


  • Improved security and performance of Track Wrestling
  • Fixed issues preventing safety screening packages from saving
  • Fixed configurations that may have caused forgot password and account activation emails to be marked as spam