An "account owner profile" and a "player sub profile" are both profiles of the Household.  So what's the difference?

An account owner profile is the profile for the owner of the household.  This profile should never be tied to registration and/or the roster unless the account owner is also an athlete/coach.  The account owner profile will have a login to the account, have full access to edit the account, and can manage other sub-profiles on the account.

  • "Guardians" cannot be added to an account owner profile.  However, an account owner profile can be a Guardian of a player profile.

The account owner profile is signified by the banner that reads "Me."

A player profile is an account sub-profile for an athlete and should be tied to a registration and/or the roster. A player profile will not have a login to the account and will only be created during registration or when added to a roster.  

  • Guardians can be added to a player profile.

The player profiles are highlighted below.

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