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QuickBooks Integration: Overview
QuickBooks Integration: Overview
Updated over a week ago

This integration is only available for Premium and Pro subscriptions. Click here to learn more. Additionally, you must have Full Access permissions to access QuickBooks integrations.

Connect to QuickBooks

SportsEngine HQ's integration with QuickBooks shares data from user profiles, payouts, payments, and refunds.

  1. On the left-hand navigation panel in "SportsEngine HQ," click Settings > Financial Settings.

  2. In the upper left, click QuickBooks.

  3. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button to connect.

Complete a Manual Sync

QuickBooks will sync automatically once a day at a time of your choosing. Click here to learn about changing the sync time. To perform a manual sync:

  1. From Financial Settings, click QuickBooks.

  2. In the QuickBooks Sync Activity box, click Manual Sync.

  3. The manual sync is now in progress.

Access Shared Data in QuickBooks

NOTE: Complete the following steps within QuickBooks, not "SportsEngine HQ."

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks account.

  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Reports.

  3. Scroll down to view the Sales Report to find "SportsEngine HQ" data.

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