You must have "Financial Admin" or "Webmaster" permissions to create invoice discounts.

NOTE: This article is designed to walk you through how to create discount codes for invoices. If you need to create discount codes for a registration, click here

  1. Sign in to "SportsEngine HQ."
  2. Once in "SportsEngine HQ", click on the Invoicing tab then choose Discounts.
  3. In the top-right corner, click Add Discount
  4. Enter the discount details.
    • Discount Amount: The amount that is subtracted from the total invoice. Set to a certain dollar amount or percentage off. 
    • Duration: Set the dates the discount can be applied within. 
    • Discount Code: Create a custom code where your users can redeem multiple times, or have the platform generate individual codes that can only be used once. 
  5. Click Add

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