NOTE: Parents/Guardians must reach out to their organization's admin directly with any questions relating to registration, a website, or payments. You will not see the Contact Help button if you are not an Admin with the organization. 

Administrators must be logged in to the SportsEngine Website as a "Webmaster" or an "Admin" to reach Customer Success. Once logged in, click on the blue Need Help tab, and click Contact Help or Schedule a Support Call to reach our team. 

Important Announcement! Contact Help is not a live chat. Depending on volume, Customer Success typically replies in a few hours.

Example of how an Administrator can reach out to SportsEngine:

Helpful Tip! If you need admin access to your SportsEngine site, please reach out to one of your organization's admins so they can grant you those permissions. 

Helpful Tip! If you are using our hosted support center ( you need to log in before you can contact support.

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