This article will explain the different statuses a background screening can be in (Passed, Pending, Failed, Flagged, and Errors). 

NOTE: SportsEngine is unable to look into why these screenings have reached these statuses in a measure to protect your organization's private data. Please reach out directly to the following personnel if you have additional questions.


  • Passed: The individual has completed the background investigation and the provider has found the applicants record free from reportable offenses. 
  • Pending: The applicant has completed the application and the background investigation is in progress
  • Flagged: A record has been found and needs to be reviewed by the administrator. 
  • Failed: A record has been found and confirmed by the provider on the applicant and determined by the association or administrator that the individual cannot Coach/Volunteer.
  • Errors: The applicant may have omitted or entered incorrect information on the application. At this time the provider will reach out to the applicant to make the appropriate changes.

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