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"SportsEngine HQ" is the new home for all of your organization’s administrative tools.  All of the tools that were previously located in your site’s Admin Control Panel and BackOffice locations have been collected and re-organized into one central hub: SportsEngine HQ. 

Below you will find a comparison chart to help you locate the tools you need.

Previous Name in Admin Control Panel
New Name and Location in SportsEngine HQ
Sport MgmtCompetition > Sport Management
Website ToolsWebsite > Website Tools
Website SettingsWebsite > Website Settings
FinancialsRegistration > Financial Summary
PowerPayInvoicing > Invoices
ProgramsPromotion > Listings 
Registration Registration 
BillingSettings > Account

Previous Name in BackOffice

New Name and Location in SportsEngine HQ

PowerPayInvoicing > Invoices
DiscountsInvoicing > Discounts
Payment TermsInvoicing > Payment Terms
TransactionsInvoicing > Transactions
Financial ReportsInvoicing > Reports
ProgramsPromotion > Listings 
RosteringCompetition > Rostering
Apparel StorePromotion > Custom Apparel
Marketing Promotion > Marketing Tools
SettingsOrganizational Settings