You will need "Admin" or "Webmaster" permissions to edit your site.

NOTE: You will need to create a League Page, Club Page, or Division Page first before you can add Team Pages. If your site allows for solo team pages to be made, you do not need to create a League, Club, or Division page. 

The best way to add teams to your organization is by creating a "Team page" for each team. Team pages can be hidden from the public or used to display the team roster, game schedule, stats, and more.

League or Club Page  > Division Page > Team Page

  • NOTE: Make sure that you are on a League, Club, or Division Page before you create the page.

Creating Team Pages

  1. Sign in to your SportsEngine website and turn on Edit Mode.
  2. Go to your League or Club page. 
    • Click into your Division page if you have them created. 
  3. Underneath Edit Mode, click Pages.
  4. Select Sub Pages.
    • Sub Pages appear in the dropdown menu under a page listed in the Main Menu.
  5. Click Add New Page.
  6. Choose Team Page.
  7. Either choose Select an existing team or Create a new team
    • Choose Create a new team if you haven’t already added your teams in Sport Management. 
    • It’s recommended that you select a team If you’ve already created them in the past.
  8. Fill out all necessary and mandatory fields for the team, and click Create This Team.
    • Include Team in Standings (Leagues Only): This option allows you to exclude teams from standings on a team by team basis. If you check No, all games played against this team will not count towards standings.

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