Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Tourney Tool. 

Q. Can I test scoring within my tournament?

A. We recommend creating a test tournament or test divisions with test teams to score games.  If you test score games, the system will reset the scores to “0 – 0” if you try to remove the scored games.  The scores will not reset to blank slates.

Q. How do I print the “Calendar” view?

A. At this time you cannot print the calendar view.  The only options to print are on the “reports” tab and from the Public Microsite.

Q. How do I change the home team to the other team?

A. Click the pencil icon within the By Division or Game List views. This will display a drop-down list where you can choose who will be the home team and visiting team.

Q. How do I mark if a game went into over time?

A. Click the pencil icon within the By Division or Game List views. This will display a drop-down list where you can choose select the Overtime check box on the left hand side.

Q. I created my games using the Custom Games stage - how do I create my bracket games?

A. Custom Games do not have the functionality to advance teams out of this stage.  The only stage you can advance teams out of is the Pool Play stage.  Custom games are for one off "friendship games" or consolation games after pool play.  Custom game stages will not keep standings either.

Q. What happens if the system created too many matchups or games?

A. Click the pencil icon within the By Division or Game List views. Change the status of a game from Unscheduled to Deleted.  Make sure to Save Changes.  This will remove the game from the Public Microsite, but you will still see it in your Game List and By Division scheduling views, in case you deleted the wrong game.

Q. I scored my games but the standings are not populating- what do I do?

A. Make sure you are setting the Status of the game to Completed and Save Changes.  Once you set the status to Completed, the standings will automatically populate for teams with games completed.  Also, make sure you are publishing your schedule, within the Publish To Site tab in the upper right hand corner.

Q. How do I add an additional game for my Pool Play or Custom Games stages?

A. On the Game List page under the green Save All Changes button, select the "+". Here you can add a game for Pool Play or Custom Games stages. (Cannot add games for Single Elimination or Double Elimination, because you cannot create custom brackets).

Q. How do I remove my conflicts - if I know they are not conflicts?

A. You cannot remove conflicts unless you adjust your game times/locations/dates or edit the Game Limits tab for your divisions.  Otherwise, you will need to ignore the conflicts, since they cannot be manually removed.  These conflicts only show to Tourney Admins who have access to your Organization’s tournament.

Q. Is there a way to assign Officials, Referees, Scorekeepers, etc. to each game?

A. At this time, the tool does not have an Officials assignor for games. The workaround would be to “export games” into an excel file and create a new field to enter who will be scoring or officiating the games.  Then use this file to send out to the officials and scorekeepers, so they know which location to be at and what time.

Q. For a single game, how do I account the scoring/standings for one team and not the other team?

A. For this additional game, there isn't an option to have the standings count for one team and not the other.  The workaround would be to keep the Status of the game as Scheduled or In Progress. Then you would have to calculate offline the additional points, wins or loses for that single team. Then you can adjust if this team should advance to the next round based on their standings or how they rank compared to the other teams.

Q. I entered in my Venue, how come it’s not showing in my schedule?

A. The subvenue’s name is what pulls into the Public Microsite.  So, if you have one location with one field, you still need to create the Sub Venue for scheduling purposes.  Then you need to add the venue and Sub Venue to your tournament.  Also, you will need to make sure the venues are reserved when adding the venues and sub venues to your tournaments.  Within the main Venues tab in your tournament, click on the pencil next to the venue. From the drop-down list make sure the sub venue you need for this tournament is selected within the boxes to the right.

Q. What happens if I scored all my games, advanced my teams to the next stage, and started scoring the games, but midway through I realized I advance the wrong team into the next stage? 

A. You will need to set the status of all of your games you marked as Completed back to Scheduled within the division’s first stage (pool play stage).  This will allow you to go back in and advance the correct team into the next stage.  The fastest way to change the game’s status for a certain division’s stage is to go the Game List view and use the filter to find all the games you need to change the status for.  Then use the Mass Edit tool to change the status of all these games to Scheduled.  Go into the Advancement page, select the correct team that should advance and select the green Advance Teams button.  This will update the correct team into your next stage.  Next, go back to the Game List and set your scores back to Completed, so the standings are still calculated for participants to see.  When you are working on these changes make sure you turn off the Publish Automatically button (in the publish to site section), that way your participants don’t see a bunch of changes happen behind the scenes.

Q. What happens if I scored most of my Pool Play games, but then realized I entered in the wrong Point Values within the “Standings Rules” tab? How do I get the new Point Values to calculate the team’s standings correctly?

A. Go into the Game List and change the status of all of your pool play games from Completed to Scheduled, within the division.  Then hover over the main Settings tab and click into the Standing Rules. Update your Point Values to the correct numbers.  Then go back to your Game List view and set your games status back to Completed and this will regenerate the standings with the new/correct point values.

Q. How do I move my games back an hour, due to rain or facility conflicts?

A. There are two ways to accomplish this:

1.) Calendar View - You can choose  Select All  to the right hand corner sub-menu. This will highlight all the games and you can select one of the games to drag all over your games down an hour or two hours. This will automatically save the games, might take a minute or two to save.

2.) Game List View- Select all the games you want on the right hand side, using the checkboxes. Then select the Mass Edit tool (the paper with the pencil image).  You can change the time increments of these games to move forward a certain number of hours or back a certain number of hours.  Save changes and this will update your games with the new time slots.