You must have "Admin" or "Webmaster" permissions to run a report.

The "Ice Hockey Penalty Report" shows all penalties incurred by players within a sub-season for a league, division, or team.

For each penalty, the report contains:

  • League, Division, or Team Name
  • Player Name
  • Penalty Type
  • Date

Requirements Before Running a Report

  • Your league must have at least one stat module turned on to run a penalty report.
  • You must have owner permissions for the league, division, or team page, that you want to run the report for.

How to Run a Penalty Report

  1. Sign in and go to your League, Division, or Team Page
  2. Click the Player Stats tab.
  3. Click the gray Gear icon. 
  4. Choose Penalty Report.
    • You will need to have penalties in your stats to see this.
  5. Enter a date range for the report.
  6. Click Create.
    • The penalty report will be emailed to you within a few minutes of running it.