How to Add Admin Permissions to a User
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Staff members can be assigned more than one permission.

Assign Roles

  1. Sign in to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. Click on the Members tab then choose Directory.

  3. Find members from the People tab. You can search by name, or email, or add a person if they do not yet exist. Click on their name to access their profile.

  4. Choose the Permissions sub-tab.

  5. In the top right-hand corner of the page click the grey pencil icon.

  6. If you'd like, you can choose a Permission Level to give Full or Limited Access to HQ features.

  7. Under Additional Permissions, select to give access to manage/view memberships and governing seasons.

  8. From the drop-down, choose permission.

    • Manager: Has access to the Ontario Soccer tab in HQ (cannot access your club's member directory.)

    • Viewer: Has view-only access to the Ontario Soccer Governing Season sub-tab.

  9. Click Save.


Organization Admin

Ontario Soccer Manager

Ontario Soccer Viewer

Input teams, players, and staff into the Governing Season


Print official rosters & member cards



View teams, players, and staff within Governing Season



View player/staff information in Member Directory


Cancel Memberships


Certify Eligibility requirements are complete


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