Once the governing season has been created, governing divisions may be added.

The governing division creates division rules and allows affiliates to submit their teams.

To create a governing division:

  1. Navigate to "HQ."

  2. From the left navigation menu, click Governing Seasons.

  3. Below the Governing Season, click Divisions.

  4. Click Add Governing Divisions.

  5. Enter the "Division Name," and "Code". Click Next.

  6. Enter the Roster Requirements. NOTE: For each option, choose whether it should be a Violation or a Warning. Violations will display an error, and those not meeting the criteria will not appear on the roster. Warnings also display an error, but those not meeting the criteria will appear on the roster.

    • Set Active Player Maximums/Minimums per team.

    • Set Staff Maximum/Minimums per team.

    • Choose whether teams should require a head coach, or not.

    • Enter the number of teams a player can participate in this season.

    • Choose whether teams must pay a fee to participate.

  7. When finished with Roster Requirements, click Next.

  8. Enter the Roster Approval Settings. If a participant meets eligibility requirements, should the roster be approved automatically, or manually? Click Next to proceed.

  9. Enter Gender & Age Requirements and determine whether not meeting the requirements should be a Violation or Warning. Click Next to proceed.

  10. Select the Memberships for players, and staff. Click Save & Exit.

  11. To add more divisions, click the blue + icon and repeat steps 5-10.

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