Upon request, due to Pennsylvania document retention laws, SportsEngine will store documents of Volunteers participating with Pennsylvania Youth Sports Organizations (PAYSO) for 60 months/5 years.

What does this mean for me?

Volunteers or Employees of a PAYSO

If you are a volunteer or PAYSO employee, to be compliant you will need to complete the following:

Pennsylvania Youth Sports Organizations

For Youth Sports Organizations in Pennsylvania, to be compliant:

  • When submitting a background screening request, please indicate you need to leverage SportsEngine's PA Document Retention Services.

    • This allows you to store records of Volunteer Documents for 60 months, instead of the SportsEngine default of 180 days.

NCSI - SportsEngine

When using SportsEngine's PA Document Retention services, NCSI will:

  • Store documents for 60 months.

  • Provide updated background screens and registration questions to PAYSOs to collect the information required to be in compliance with PA state law.

Helpful Resources:

FAQ For PA Residents
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