You must be the Team's Creator or assigned Team Manager privileges to add a guardian on behalf of an athlete through the mobile app.

NOTE: Pending Members will first need to accept their team invite before additional guardians can be added.

  1. Tap Teams.

  2. Select the "Team" you wish to manage.

  3. Tap Roster.

  4. If applicable, filter by season.

  5. Ensure the "Players" tab is selected.

  6. Locate and tap on the "Player" you wish to manage.

  7. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click the blue pencil icon.

  8. In the bottom right-hand corner, tap Add Guardian.

  9. Enter the "Email Address" of the new guardian.

  10. Once complete, tap the Checkmark (Android) or Save (iOS).

    • This action will invite the user to accept and confirm the email address entered. Once confirmed, full Guardian Privileges will be granted.

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