Each Governing Division has rules that if broken, are considered either a warning or a violation. Warnings are a heads up that does not affect the roster status while violations will change a roster status. Learn more about Roster Status here.

Warnings - Will not impact the official roster if criteria are not met.

  • Individuals with "Warnings" will display a warning icon next to the person’s name but will not affect the roster status. ".

Violations - Will impact the roster status if criteria are not met.

  • If a violation exists on a rostered player or staff, the roster status will read "Denied".

  • Violations can occur if a player does not match the age or gender criteria, or has exceeded the allowed number of teams.

  • Club admins may reach out to a Region to request the player or staff be given an exception; if the Region determines the person can be approved, the Region Admin can manually approve the person and the roster status will now read Approved / Exception.

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