iScout is a live scoring app for basketball that is available on iOS. The SportsEngine integration with iScout allows you to load games and rosters to iScout from your game schedule in SportsEngine, score them in iScout, then export the results and stats back to SportsEngine.

Download iScout for iOS here for $9.99

If you have any questions or need help with your integration, please reference iScouts support Help Center

After purchasing the app from the app store, iScout charges an additional $5 annual subscription fee to use its SportsEngine integration features. How do I activate the SportsEngine integration in iScout? This fee does not apply to SportsEngine users who began using iScout before summer 2017.

Selecting SportsEngine in iScout

After paying the $5 subscription fee to iScout, you will be able to select SportsEngine from the account switcher in the bottom-right corner. Selecting SportsEngine from accounts will enable you to import games from SportsEngine and export scores and stats to SportsEngine from iScout.

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