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How Do I Create an Anchor in a Text Block?
How Do I Create an Anchor in a Text Block?
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to edit your site.

Instead of having your users scroll through your content, input an "Anchor" in your text that will allow them to jump straight to the specific information that they would like to view.

  1. Sign in to your site and turn on Edit Mode.

  2. Go to the Text Block where you would like to add the Anchor.

  3. In the top-right corner of the Text Block, click the gray gear icon and choose Edit.

  4. In the Text Block, copy the text within the paragraph you would like to anchor.

  5. In the toolbar, choose the Anchor icon (flag).

  6. Give your Anchor a Name, and click Ok.

  7. In the toolbar, choose the Link icon (paperclip).

  8. Change the Link Type to Link to anchor in text.

  9. Choose your Anchor Name and/or By Element Id and click Ok.

  10. Click Save Changes.

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