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This article will outline how you can organize Dibs Sessions if your organization requires more volunteer hours from multiple families than just one-player families.

  1. When requesting registration, request your volunteer questions to look something like the examples below:

    • I would like to volunteer X hours (registering one child)

    • I would like to volunteer X hours (registering more than one child)

    • I would like to buy out of volunteering ($)

  2. Create a different Dibs Session for Individuals and Multi-Player Families.

  3. Create a Smart Group for the users that selected they were only registering one player, and create a separate Smart Group for users that

  4. Attach a Group to the Individual Dibs Session for anyone selected that they were the only person in a family registering. Attach a Group to the Multi-Player Dibs Session that selected that more than one person would be registering in a family.

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