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Mirroring Elements and Pages
Mirroring Elements and Pages
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You will need "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to Mirror elements and pages.

NOTE: You can't remove a mirror from your mirror list.

Mirroring allows you to place a copy of a page or page element on another page anywhere on the SportsEngine Platform. When creating a new Page Element or editing an existing Page Element, you will see a checkbox to optionally enable the Mirroring functionality.

  • All mirrors reflect any updates that are made to the original content.

  • If the original content is ever modified, disabled or deleted, all mirrors reflecting its content will also be modified, disabled, or deleted.

  • The content that mirrors reflect is owned and managed by its original creator (noted as the "Mirrored from" location).

  • Deleting one of the mirrors will not delete the original content or other existing mirrors.

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