Users must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Financials" permissions to use this feature.

You can view and export all of your organization's invoicing activity within a given date or a date range into an Activity Report. The information is saved to a CSV file and downloaded to your computer. The Activity Report's data includes information on invoices, online/offline payments, online/offline refunds, voids, and credits.

Exporting Activity Reports

  1. Sign in and navigate to "SportsEngine HQ."

  2. In the left-hand navigation click Financials > Reports.

  3. Click View Legacy Reports in the upper-right corner.

  4. Under the Financial Reports header, click Activity.

  5. Input and set your date ranges and use the drop-down to determine if this report will be for Online Payments, Offline Payments, Online Refunds, or Offline Refunds.

  6. On the right-side click Export.

    • A report will generate and will download on your desktop in a CSV format.

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