Roster Tool Settings
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You must have "Full Access" or "Limited Access - Website" permissions to access tool settings.

NOTE: This article is referring to a Roster Tool Setting.

The Roster setting will allow your organization to select what pieces of information are displayed on the Roster Tab of a Team Page for players and coaches.

Add Roster Information

If you need to add new information to display on the team roster page, you will first need to create a Roster Variable. After creating the variable, you can add it under the Player or Coach Listing Page Columns.

  1. Click Add underneath the last listing.

  2. Choose the new variable you have created.

  3. In the top-left corner, click Save Changes.

Roster Status

You can update the status of the roster. Roster status includes:

  • Inherit - Depending on the status of your page, the roster will appear on the Team page. If the page is private, the roster will not appear.

  • Disabled - Roster will NOT show on the Team Page.

  • Private - Roster will only show to those that are rostered or who have permission to access that Team Page.

  1. Under Status, choose either Inherit, Disabled, or Private.

  2. In the top-left corner, click Save Changes.

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