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Single-Use Discount Codes

System generated unique discount codes which can each be redeemed a single time

Reusable Discount Codes

Create custom discount codes that can each be redeemed any number of times

Maximum Redemption Limit

Optionally limit the maximum number of times a reusable discount code may be redeemed

Dollar Off

Specify the discount amount in dollars

Percent Off

Specify the discount amount as a percentage

Maximum Percent Off

Optionally limit the maximum dollar amount to be discounted with a percent off discount (e.g. 25% off, up to $15.00)


Set a date range during which your discount is active (leave it open-ended, schedule a future discount, or set an end date if you want it to expire automatically)

Item-Specific Discount

Limit the discount to apply to a specific item you're selling

Order Discount

Discounts apply to the sale total

Discount Rules

Set up conditions that automatically trigger a discount (as opposed to entering a code at checkout)

Discount Redemption Reporting

For each discount, view/export the sales where that discount was redeemed

Discount Availability Reporting

For discounts with individual-use codes, view/export codes still available (i.e. have not been redeemed)



The price you will charge for an item

Upfront Payment Options

For each item, specify whether you require the full price, a partial amount, or $0.00 to be paid upfront (vs. on a payment plan)


Set a custom SKU for your records


Limit the number of times an item may be sold

Dynamic Price Change

Schedule automatic price changes


Continually charge on a recurring basis until the subscription is canceled

Item Variations

Archive and Delete Items


Reusable Payment Terms

Set your overall payment policies in one place, then reuse them for any invoice or registration. Payment terms will generate an individual payment plan for each sale.

Installments (with Custom Percent Due)

For each set of payment terms, specify the number of installments you offer. Optionally, you may customize the percent due per installment if you would like your payments to ramp up or down.

Custom Date Installment Windows

For each set of payment terms, set parameters for the amount of time between installments; due dates for each sale will be set automatically based on the date of the sale - Due dates will be set a number of days apart (e.g. every 30 days) or a particular date of each month

Due in Full

Special set of payment terms you can use to force Pay in Full as the only option at checkout, even if the items you're selling usually allow for a payment plan


For each set of payment terms, view the sales where those terms were applied

Payment Plan per Item

Create a payment plan for each item you sell. Set the number of payments and the date each payment is due. When multiple items are sold together, customers enroll in multiple payment plans and pay for each of them separately.

Payment Plan per Sale

Based on the payment terms you set, a payment plan will be created automatically for each sale. When multiple items are sold together, customers enroll in one payment plan and pay for all items together.

Multiple Payment Plan Options Per Sale

Dynamic Fee Handling

Choose whether your organization will absorb the cost of the processing fees, or offset the cost by charging extra

Fees Charged Per Transaction

Fees are split equally across all payments in a payment plan

Fees Changed Up Front

Fees are front-loaded to the first payment in a payment plan

Past Due Payment Roll-Up

All past due payments are required to be paid in order to continue with the payment plan

Enroll Now, Pay Later

If all items on the sale require $0.00 to be paid upfront, customers have the option to enroll in the payment plan without being charged until the due date of the first installment


Editable Payment Plans - Amounts and Due Dates

Make changes to individual payment plans. Change the due dates for any unpaid installments. Rearrange the amount owed for any unpaid installments.

Apply Credit

Reduce the amount owed for any unpaid installments

Record Offline Payment

Record cash or check payment for the next unpaid installment or remaining balance

Pay Online

Check out online for any sale with an outstanding balance


Void an invoice if there has been no payment activity

Automatic Payment Reminders

Reminders about upcoming and past due payments are sent automatically at regular intervals

Manual Reminders

Send a payment reminder at any time

Re-collect Charged Back Funds

When a chargeback occurs, the sale's outstanding balance is increased so that you can attempt to re-collect the funds

Verified eCheck Payments


Donation Item

Allows customers to enter a custom donation amount

Background Screening

Sell background screening within a registration


Sell a membership item within a registration


Offer RegSaver as an opt-in item within a registration


Offer MedSaver as an opt-in item within a registration

NCSA College Recruiting

Offer NCSA as an opt-in item within a registration

Features that will not be supported

Third-Party Merchants

Multi-Currency Organizations

Pay Offline

When using New Tools, this is NOT an option at the time of checkout, but an offline payment can be applied to the order after the sale

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