There are two ways to be invited to accept a club assignment. You may either receive a:

  • Public Invitation - is available to anyone who has the link and can only be completed using that link.

  • Direct Invitation - is available only to a specific individual and can be completed either via email or MySE.

Memberships can be purchased as a part of accepting the club assignment.

Accepting a Public Invitation

Public invitation links may either be shared with you via email, on a website, or on a registration form.

To accept, simply click the link. You'll be guided through the process of joining the club directory, accepting the club assignment, and purchasing a membership.

Accepting a Direct Invitation

A direct invitation is only available through email or MySE and is associated with your specific player following the process below.

Accepting the Direct Official USAV Association Club Assignment & Purchasing a Membership

If a direct club assignment is sent, the user receives an email notifying them of their invitation. Upon accepting, please note that you are agreeing that you officially would like to play for this club exclusively. After accepting you can purchase your membership.

  1. Navigate to your email and open the email "Accept Your Assignment from [Organization/Club] Name!"

  2. If you are sure you want to officially accept the invitation, click Accept Assignment.

  3. Confirm/Enter your Athlete's Information and click Next.

  4. Confirm/Enter your information (parent/guardian), click Next.

  5. Follow the prompts to complete the assignment process and choose/purchase the membership.

    • If you have not already purchased a membership, you'll be asked to sign waivers for players 18 and under, and buy a membership.

    • If you already have a membership, you will not be required to enter that information again.

    • If you receive a Direct Invitation, you can also accept directory invitations and club assignment requests directly from your SportsEngine Account. View the directions below to see how.

Accepting a Direct Invitation from MySE

  1. Login at

  2. In the top right-hand corner of the page, click the Notifications Bell Icon.

    • The invitation will show in the list of notifications below.

  3. Click Accept to claim the USA Volleyball [Club Name] Invitation.

  4. To view the membership navigate to Household.

  5. Select the desired individual.

  6. Find the membership and click View Details.

    • Here you can find any desired membership information.

Accepting a Direct Club Assignment from MySE

To accept:

  1. Sign in to MySE.

  2. Navigate to the Home tab in the left-hand navigation.

  3. On the top of the page, find Club Assignment Requests.

  4. Find the desired club assignment and click View Details.

  5. Read the message, and click Accept Assignment.

  6. Follow the prompts to complete the club assignment and purchase the membership.

After completing the membership process, click the Continue to MySportsEngine button to find the membership in MySE.

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