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You can share content from your team's website to a social media site (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) just like you would other web content like news articles from a news site, etc. 

You can share content using three main methods:

  • Using the Social Buttons
  • Configuring Your Site Information
  • Copying the Site Address Into A Post

Using the Social Buttons

Each event, game, post, etc. will have a set of social media buttons at the bottom of that event that will allow you to share that content in one easy step. 

Click one of the icon buttons in the event or post.

Helpful Tip! If you do not see the social media you are looking for, click the + symbol to open the drop-down menu for more options. 

In the social media site's dialog box, you will see a preview of your site page that you want to share.

Configuring Your Site Information

The content displayed includes your site description, which is located in the Website Settings - Information tab of SportsEngine HQ.

The image that appears in the Facebook post is also taken from the image which is located in the Website Settings - Theme Settings tab of SportsEngine HQ.

Copying the Site Address Into A Post

You can also share your site content in a social media post by copying the site URL and pasting it into the social media post. 

  1. In the page that you want to share, copy the URL from your browser's address bar. 
  2. Paste it into an empty post in your social media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). 

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