NOTE: iCal feeds added in a SportsEngine site are refreshed once every 30 minutes.

If you would like to view events that are added to a SportsEngine Event Aggregator or a Calendar Page on your own personal calendar, you must subscribe to that feed.

  1. Navigate to the page where you see an "event list" (usually on the Team Page) or a "calendar page". 
  2. Beneath one of those, click on the Subscribe to iCal Feed Icon associated with the calendar.
    • If there is nothing on the "Calendar" or "Event List", you will not see the option to subscribe to the iCal feed.
    • Make sure that you are viewing the correct team events and games. 
  3. Copy the Link.
  4. Sync the feed to Mac OS X, Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, iPhone/iPad, Android.

After importing the feed into your software, your new iCal Feed calendar will reflect any addition or change made to the website calendar.

Example of a Calendar Page

Example of Team Page

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