Important Announcement! The GameChanger integration with SportsEngine is no longer available. However, you are still able to embed the GameChanger Scoreboard Widget on your SportsEngine website.

Please contact GameChanger support for additional information or assistance with GameChanger use.

Another Integration For Baseball?

iScore is another available baseball scoring app that does have some integrated features with SportsEngine.

Click here for more information about the iScore integration with SportsEngine.

GameChanger Help Center

Baseball and softball teams use GameChanger to live score games and enter stats on players right from the field using the GameChanger mobile app. You can sync your game scores and stats data in GameChanger with your SportsEngine site.

Connecting your Team with GameChanger

Connect your team with GameChanger to sync rosters, scores and stats between SportsEngine and GameChanger.

Important! Connecting your team with GameChanger will create a new team in GameChanger. You cannot connect an existing team in GameChanger to your team in SportsEngine.

1. Create an account in GameChanger if you don't already have one
2. Log in to SportsEngine and navigate to your team page
3. Turn on edit mode
4. Click Manage Team to open TeamCenter
5. Click Integrations on the left navigation menu
6. Click Connect under GameChanger
7. Enter the sport, age group, year, season, and zip code, and click Sign in to Connect
8. Log in to GameChanger. If you are already logged in, click Continue.
9. Click Allow to give SportsEngine permission to sync with GameChanger

Enable Statistics for Use in the GameChanger Integration

GameChanger stats will not sync over to SportsEngine unless they are enabled from the league or team page in SportsEngine.

1. Log in to SportsEngine
2. If your team is part of an association or league, navigate to your League page. If your team is a solo team, navigate to your Team page.
3. Turn on edit mode
4. Click the Admin tab and select Tool Settings from the drop-down menu
5. Scroll down to the Statistics section
6. Check the box next to Select All for Batter Stats and Pitcher Stats and in the Batter Stats area
7. Click Save Changes

GameChanger does not collect the stat categories listed below. They will appear as zeros in SportsEngine if enabled.

GameChanger does not sync the following batter stats: IBB, CS, GDP, SF, SAC, PA, TB
or the following pitcher stats: SVO, SHO, QS, WP


Important Things to Know about the GameChanger Integration

There are some differences in how SportsEngine and GameChanger work, which creates some caveats. Please keep these points in mind as you use the integration:

Syncing Players
  • Only players on the roster will sync to GameChanger. Coaches or other staff members will not sync between SportsEngine and GameChanger.
  • If gender isn't specified for your team in SportsEngine, it will show in GameChanger as Co-Ed. 
  • If a player is added to GameChanger without a first or last name or with only a number, they will be created in SportsEngine with the first name of No and the last name of Name. A message will also appear in the activity log. 
  • If game stats are edited manually or a game is quick scored in SportsEngine, game updates for that game will no longer be synced from GameChanger to SportsEngine.
  • OBP will be incorrect if Sacrifice Flies are entered in GameChanger because GameChanger doesn't send that info to SportsEngine. Sacrifice Flies must be entered manually in SportsEngine.
  • GameChanger sets innings at the Team level and SportsEngine sets innings at the League level. If the Innings setting is different between GameChanger and SportsEngine, game stats will reflect the inning settings of the tool with which the game is scored.
  • The game has to be finalized in GameChanger before anything will be synced to SportsEngine.
What happens in Games where both teams use the GameChanger Integration?
  • Stats get synced to both teams when only one team is scoring the game.
  • If both teams score the game, the Home Team has control over the box score. This is true even if the Away Team finalizes a game before the Home Team does. In this scenario, the Home Team's box score will overwrite the Away Team's box score.
  • If both teams score the game, each team has control over their stats being sent to SportsEngine.
  • If a game is scheduled for a team in GameChanger, it will be added to the newest sub-season in the team's SportsEngine site.

View Activity Logs

You can view the integration's activity logs by clicking the Gear icon from the GameChanger tile in TeamCenter and selecting View Activity.

Disconnect GameChanger from Your Team

You can disconnect your team in SportsEngine from syncing with GameChanger. This will disconnect the integration and stop all updates from syncing between your SportsEngine team and GameChanger.

What Happens When You Disconnect From GameChanger?
  • The team that is deleted in SportsEngine is left orphaned in GameChanger
  • Players on the orphan team are deleted
  • The deleted team is not removed from the opponent list on the team that is still linked to GameChanger
To disconnect your team from GameChanger, do the following:

1. Log in to your Team website and turn on Edit Mode
2. Click Manage Team to open TeamCenter
3. Click Integrations from the left navigation menu
4. In the GameChanger tile, click the Gear and select Disconnect from the drop-down list
5. Click Disconnect


Can I sync my team from SportsEngine if I don't have Admin privileges on SportsEngine?

Unfortunately, you can only sync your team to GameChanger if you have admin privileges on SportsEngine. The SportsEngine admin privileges allow the coach to access the "Edit Mode" on the team website to set up the integration. Please contact your league manager or SportsEngine webmaster to request admin privileges.

I've already entered my roster and schedule on SportsEngine, does that sync to GameChanger?

You don't need to edit the roster or schedule twice. Changes to the roster and schedule will sync between SportsEngine and GameChanger.

I'm a League Administrator, and I already manage stats for multiple teams on GameChanger--what should I do?

Currently, there's no way to set up multiple teams at once. To set up your entire league, you'll need to connect each SportsEngine team page to GameChanger individually. Once you've set up the GameChanger integration for each team, you'll need to add each team's coach or scorekeeper as a Team Admin on GameChanger so they can keep score. If the entire league is going to use the GameChanger integration, we recommend having only one of the two teams keep score at games. GameChanger will only be syncing data from one team, which will provide stats for both teams.

Our team already played a game before we added the GameChanger integration, will that game information sync?

No. Games played prior to the integration will not sync with the GameChanger integration. If you add the GameChanger integration after your season started, you will need to enter any previously played games and scores into SportsEngine manually using the Quick Score or tabular stats options.