SportsEngine requires you to provide a valid email address when setting up your SportsEngine account. Providing a valid email address is an industry standard practice when creating a new profile.

We follow this practice for a number of other important reasons, including:

  • Protecting your private data when sending the information during a registration session.
  • Abiding by requirements from other countries (e.g., EU) to provide a confirmed opt-in process.
  • Providing helpful support when you forget your password (we have the valid email address and can easily send you a reset password link.)
  • Preventing spam accounts from being created.
  • Verifying ownership of the email address.
  • Confirming that you indeed want to opt-in for communications from SportsEngine websites.
  • Providing you with a confirmation that you have opted-in for communications from SportsEngine and that you want to become a member of the site.
  • Providing organizations an ability to do member outreach within their organization.

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