You must have "Team Page Edit/Ownership" or "Webmaster" permission to send RSVPs in TeamCenter.

NOTE: You will need to first create an event or game to send RSVP to your players or staff. 

"RSVPs" help you keep track of who is and who isn't coming to each game and event. 

How to Send RSVP Invites

Each time you create a new game or event, you will have the option to send out an RSVP notification to all invited players and staff. Select Yes under Send RSVP invites now? when creating the event to do this.

NOTE: RSVPs are automatically sent to all players and staff that are invited to the game or event. 

How to Manually Invite Someone After Creating the Event

If you chose Let me pick when selecting Who's Invited? to a new game or event and forgot to invite someone, you can always invite them later from the game or event RSVP page. 

  1. Sign in and go to your team's TeamCenter.
  2. On the left-hand navigation, click on the Schedule tab.
  3. Under the Schedule sub-header, click on RSVPs.
  4. Next to the player or staff members "name", click Invite to send them the RSVP invitation to the game or event.

Helpful Tip! Regardless of whether you send RSVP invites or reminders, all invited players will receive an automatic reminder email 48 hours before the game or event and invited staff will receive an automatic reminder email that includes a player RSVP summary 24 hours before the game or event.

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