You must have "Tourney Admin" access to display your tournament. 

Public display of Tourney information can be achieved in multiple ways: Microsite Pages (most common), HTML IFrames, or, if you’re using Tourney for Hockey or Soccer,  linking to the Tourney App through native Page Elements that are specific to Game information and various types of stats.

1. Customize Display Settings

  1. In the Tourney Tool, click on the title of the tournament you want to display. 
  2. Select the Settings tab. 
  3. Choose Site Settings sub tab and adjust accordingly.
  4. Click Save Changes.

2. Display Tourney Information

  • Microsite (most common): Add the tournament display to a SportsEngine webpage.
  • HTML IFrame: HTML Code added to a SportsEngine page (using a Code Element page element) or Non-SportsEngine webpage to display tournament information. 
  • Page Elements (Native to Hockey and Soccer): After stats have been entered in the Tourney App, they are available to be reflected by your associated Team’s Sitebuilder site through a variety of Page Elements that exist for this purpose. These include the following: 
    • Team Stats Page Element
    • Player Stats Page Element
    • Game Highlight Page Element
    • Game List Page Element
    • Player Stat Leader Page Element
    • Scoreboard Ribbon Page Element