TourneyMachine Mobile

  • Better support for iOS 13
  • General maintenance and performance improvements

Programs and Registration

  • US Lacrosse (USL) has migrated to a new membership system requiring updates to ensure SportsEngine registrations can continue to support USL membership validation.
    • Created a new US Lacrosse Registration Template
    • Improved flow of US Lacrosse membership validation

Member Management

  • Updates to digital cards include: adding the ability to view eligibility from a link on the back of the digital card and on the QR code scan page.
  • Released Governing Season View Only permission. Allows NGB's access to eligibility search, Regions with Governing Season View-only access to a Governing Season, and Eligibility Search.


  • LGA - Updated member ping for US Lacrosse
  • SSUP - Updated member ping for US Lacrosse