You must have "Tourney Admin" access to set game limits.
NOTE: Game limits should be set before scheduling your tournament games.

"Game Limits" are the scheduling rules that help you avoid scheduling conflicts like double-scheduling a team. These settings include:

  • Game length
  • Break between games at a sub venue
  • Downtime between games for a team
  • Max games per day for a team

Set Default Game Limits

  1. Sign in to the Tourney Tool and click on your Tournament.
  2. Click on the Settings tab. 
  3. Choose the Game Limits sub tab. 
  4. Update your Scheduling Limits and Game Time Limits
  5. Click Apply Settings.

Set Custom Game Limits For Divisions

  1. Click on the Divisions tab. 
  2. Click on a division "name" from the list. 
  3. On the right side of the screen, click Game Limits
  4. Under the division name header, change the pulldown list to Settings For This Division Only
  5. Update your Scheduling Limits and Game Time Limits.
  6. Click Apply Settings

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