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There may be incidences where you must close your season for the foreseeable future. This article will walk you through the areas of the system that will be useful during this time.


It's important to make sure all of your participants are kept informed of the actions taken by your organization during uncertain times. Reminder, you can use SportsEngine to keep an open dialogue with admins, staff, coaches, parents, and your community.

Sending Mass Communications

  • From the Member Directory
  • From Permissions and Newsletters

Creating and Messaging Smart Groups

  • How to Create a Group
  • How to Create a Smart Group
  • How to Message a Smart Group

Rescheduling and Cancellations

Due to uncertainty, you have the ability to reschedule and/or cancel games, practices and events.

Cancelling Individual Games

  • How to Cancel a Game with Notifications
  • How to Cancel a Game without Notifications

Mass Cancelling Games

  • How to Mass Cancel Games

Waiting Lists

  • How to Create a Waitlist Using Registration

Registration and Financials

There may be disruption in the registration process that requires you to make adjustments to your organization's financials.

Payment Plans

You may update payment plans and dates of installments as you wish, however, this change will only take effect for those who sign up after the change is made. 

Any existing plans will not see this change take effect, and you will not be able to cancel or pause a single installment of a payment plan, only the entire plan.

  • How to Cancel or Pause a Single Installment of a Payment Plan
  • How to Change the Date of Payment Plan Installments


  • How to Send an Invoice
  • How to Create Invoicing Payment Terms


  • How to Refund a Registration
  • How to Refund Invoices