You must have "Admin" or "Webmaster" permissions to list a program. 

NOTE: Programs that are using SportsEngine Registration to register players are listed higher and more likely to get viewed by prospecting parents.
Programs are seasons, camps, clinics, or another sports activity that are advertised publicly for your organization on

Add a Program

  1. Sign in and click on the Admin gear located at the top of your screen.
  2. Once in "SportsEngine HQ", click on the Promotions tab then choose Listings
  3. Click Add Program
  4. Input your program details and click Publish

Program Listing Best Practices

Ideally, a program should represent a single event. Examples of a program could be one clinic or a camp for an age-specific group, like 8 year olds or 3rd and 4th graders. 

  • Use Descriptive Program Names:Users will key in on the title of your program when reviewing the search results so the more descriptive and concise the better. 
    • Examples:
      • Girls U14 Hockey 2018-2019
      • Summer Hockey Skills Clinic - Mites
      • IceBreakers Girls Tournament 2018
  • Load Descriptions With Keywords: Include words or phrases that a user would use to to search for your program (i.e., hockey, mites, Edina, boys hockey, etc.) 
  • Provide a Location
  • Add Social Media Connections