You must have "Admin", "Team Page Ownership", or "Webmaster" permissions to connect players.

When rostered players are added manually, or imported into the SportsEngine system, you will need to attach the rostered players to SportsEngine Accounts so they receive team communication and updates.

Invite Someone to Claim Roster Spot

  1. Sign in and turn on Edit Mode
  2. Go to the Team Page of the rostered athlete. 
  3. Choose the Roster tab, then scroll down and click on the name of the athlete. 
  4. Once on the "Player Profile Settings" page, scroll down to where you see the area that says Player SportsEngine None.
  5. Click on the button that says Invite Someone to Claim this Player Profile
  6. Input the the email address of the SportsEngine account you would like to connect this rostered spot to. 
  7. Click Invite User to Claim Profile
    • After the invite is sent, the user will need to claim that roster spot

Helpful Tip! In the case of a split families, one parent/guardian will need to claim the roster spot then add the other parent/guardian as a Guardian on their account. 

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