You must have "Team Manager" or "Webmaster" permissions to message your team. 

  1. Sign in and go to your Team Page
  2. Turn on Edit Mode
  3. Click on the yellow Admin dropdown arrow
  4. Choose Groups
  5. Under the name of the roster, click Messages
  6. Click Send Message to Group.
  7. Choose either All or Selected.
    • All: Every member in that group. 
    • Selected: Choose which member in the group you want to send the message to.
      • Search for those individual profiles by name to add them to the message. Once the rostered members are added, click Select Members
  8. Next to the Editor selector, choose your formatting style:
    • Plain Text: No formatting.
    • Rich Text: Able to change size, color, and other text formatting options.
    • Page Layout: Able to add a created template and/or page element to attach documents.

Choosing Plain Text or Rich Text

  1. Input your subject and body of the message Send Message

Choosing Page Layout

  1. (Optional) Choose a "Top Template" or "Bottom Template", then input your subject line. 
  2. Click Continue to Compose Message
    • This will bring you to a new screen. 
  3. Click Add Page Element.
  4. Choose the element you would like to use. 
    • Repeat steps 3 & 4 as many times as needed. 
  5. Click Preview & Send Message
  6. Click Send Message