Began rollout of Android version 5.21 which includes:

  • Integration with the new platform TeamService
    • Teams list now displays teams based on having a current season - last season’s team will disappear when a new season starts
    • Team based iCals now only show events from the current season
    • Users can no longer accidentally unfavorite teams they are rostered on
    • Team search is now more accurate and only shows teams that are in the current season


  • Fixed a bug that caused player stats to sometimes not display properly
  • Fixed a bug causing new messages to only display after refreshing the messages page


  • Supported the release of Android version 5.21's improved Team Search
  • Gave the Member Directory profile page a facelift
  • Updated the text of the screen shown when accepting an orphan to make it more intuitive and prevent users from merging their children's profiles into their own
  • Fixed an issue that caused AES users with passwords that did not meet security standards to be redirected to MySE instead of AES
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from being able to accept invitations from the notification bell in the SE Bar
  • Fixed an issue in Sitebuilder where event details linked to an email address instead of the event page