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  • It would be best to copy a past registration with AAU membership validation fields if you have one.
  • This article will outline how to add all validating fields to a new, blank registration. 
  1. Navigate to the "Welcome Page" of your registration you are creating.  
  2. Click into Edit Mode. 
  3. On the left side of the screen, click Add New Form
  4. In the Form Name field, input a name.
    • e.g. "AAU Membership Information" 
  5. Click Save Form
  6. Within the form you just created, click Add Question or Page Element
  7. Under Add Questions, click Choose a Question Group.
  8. In the search bar, type in "AAU Membership Information". 
  9. Click on the question group AAU Membership Information
    • Those questions will now be added to your registration.

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