Q. How Will I Receive Access to APS?

A. Applicants will be presented with a link to begin the training immediately after completing the associate registration, typically for a background screen.  The link is also emailed to the applicant via the email used on the registration. 

Each URL is specific to the applicant’s SportsEngine account, meaning an administrator cannot open or view their applicants APS links.

Q. Can I Take the APS Training Before My Background Screen?

A. No, the training link will only be available after the applicant has submitted all their information for the background screen.

Q. Do I Have to Complete the Training in One Sitting?

A. No, an applicant can pause the training video, and at a later time log back in to continue where they left off.

Q. What If I Need to Pause, How Do I Get Back into APS?

A. If an applicant leaves the APS window, they can go back to their email and click on the link that was delivered to them.  If they cannot locate the link, they may please reach out to their administrator or to SportsEngine support.  

Q. Where is My Certificate? Can I Print My Certificate?

A. Please click on ‘My Certificates’ to view the passed courses and print.  (See Below)