NOTE: Do not add or edit games, teams, or players using the iScore app. Use your SportsEngine website or SportsEngine team mobile app to add games, teams, and players. Games, teams, and players added from iScore will not sync over to SportsEngine, so make additions or edits from SportsEngine then 'rediscover' them in iScore.

The "iScore" app for baseball allows you to capture game scores and stats on your mobile device while at the game. SportsEngine integrates with iScore, giving you the ability to import and export games, teams players, and stats between your SportsEngine and iScore account.

Helpful Tip! If you anticipate needing to add players on iScore after you no longer have internet access, create two or three “substitute players” on your SportsEngine team page roster. After you find out the names for these “substitute players”, you will need to update their name in the iScore roster and on the SportsEngine team page roster profile - but the stats for this player will be captured.

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