You must have "Team Page Ownership" or "Webmaster" permissions to update team stats.
NOTE: SportsEngine Live Scoring is only available for Football, Hockey, and Lacrosse. 
Games that are scored using SportsEngine Live will populate live play-by-play details and stats.
  1. Sign in and turn on Edit Mode
  2. Find the Team Page you want to live score from. 
  3. Select the Game Schedule sub tab. 
  4. Under the Status column, click on the "time of the game."
  5. Scroll down and click on Score Live
    • This will open up a new tab. 
  6. Ensure all game details are correct and click Save Game Details.
  7. Click the Teams/Rosters tab.
  8. Choose the active players for the game by checking the box next to their name. 
    • The roster list will reflect the roster on the teams specific page.
  9. Scroll up and choose the Score Game button to continue.
  10. Input the scoring plays for the game then click Finalize Game to finish.
    • Click HERE to watch an in-depth video on how to add scoring plays.
NOTE: Once you start to score a game with this method, you need to continue to use that method for any future edits to that game. You are not able to use different scoring methods for a single game.
Helpful Tip! For the most accurate live-scoring, it is best to have one person using SportsEngine Live. Also, watch your connection status in the top right corner of each play action to make sure your plays are being recorded.