Step 2 of 2 

After you have copied the iCal Feed and added it to your calendar, you can now add it to your smart phone. 

Add iCal Feed to My iPhone [iOS]

  1. Open your iPhone and tap the Settings app. 
  2. Scroll down and tap Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Tap Other
  5. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
  6. Tap, hold, and then paste the iCal Feed link you have copied. 
  7. In the top-right corner, tap Next
    • In the Description field, update the name of the calendar (optional).
  8. In the top-right corner, tap Save
  9. Tap your Calendar app to view your calendar. 

Add iCal Feed to My Android [Android]

NOTE: You will first need to add the iCal link feed to a Google Calendar.

  1. Go to your Google Calendar
  2. Log in to the Google Account that is used on your Android device. 
  3. On the left-side navigation, scroll down and next to Add Calendar, click the three dots.  
  4. Choose From URL
  5. Paste the iCal feed link. 
  6. Click Add Calendar
  7. Open up your Android mobile device. 
  8. Tap the Calendar App
  9. In the top-right corner, tap on the three dots
    • If you are already logged in to your Google Calendar, tap refresh and skip the remaining steps. 
  10. Tap Manage Calendars
  11. Tap Google
  12. Sign in to your Google Account. 
  13. Next to the calendar you added, tap the check box
  14. Go back to your Calendar App to view the added calendar.