You must have "Tourney Admin" access to schedule your tournament.

After your time slots have been created, it's time to assign your games. 

  1. Under the area that says Choose a Calendar View, click Assign Games
    • The list of games will show underneath the Games section. 
  2. Click, hold, drag, and drop your a game to a time on the calendar page on the right.

Helpful Tips!

  • Selection a Range of Multiple Games: Select one game by clicking on it > Hold down the SHIFT key while selecting a second game > All games located between those selected will be automatically selected.
  • Multiple Individual Games: Hold down the COMMAND key (Mac) or CONTROL key (PC) while selecting games > Games located between those selected will remain unselected.
  • Swapping Games: Select two games that you wish to swap on the calendar. With the two games selected, on the top-right of the page, click the swap button (crossing arrows).
  • Creating New Games: On the top-right of the calendar, click the create (+) button > Enter the details for the game > Click Create Game.
  • Editing Games: Hover over the game on the calendar > Click Edit Game > Edit the game details >Save Changes.
  • Removing Games: Hover over the game on the calendar > Click Remove Game.  

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